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Plastic Mould MakingMould Making

CYS Mould Co., has been engaging in Plastic Mould Making since 1993, creating various complex, precision Plastic Mould. We are able to provide customers with one-station service, from Mould Design, Mould Making, and Injection Molding, to Plastic Products Assembly.

Our R&D consists of senior engineers with 10 plus years experience of mould design and mould making. With latest mould design software and method, engineers provide the technical support to our in-house mould making production as well as customers’ enquiry. Our workshop is equipped with full set of machines for mould making and injection molding, such as, CNC machining center, EDM, wire-cutting, 2.5D measuring, etc. Communicating with machine by computer programs, the mould making has been more efficient, precision and low-cost.

Mould Making experience:

1. Multiple cavity Plastic Mould

2. Insert Plastic MouldPlastic Mould Making

3. Multiple slider action Plastic Mould

4. Sandwich Injection Mould

5. Hot runner system

6. Plastic Mould with international standard, like HASCO, etc.

7. Other custom Plastic Mould

Plastic Products Rage:

Plastic Products Range:

1. Consumer Electronics

2. Communication ProductsPlastic Mould

3. House Hold

4. Computer Peripherals

5. Medical Facilities

6. Auto Parts

7. Mechanical Equipments

8. Other Custom Plastic Products

In fact, Mould Making is a custom service. Customers can choose the right solution according to the product structure, customer’s needs and even the mould making budge. In another words, there are difference cost of one same products according to difference solution. Contact us today to see how our engineers design the right solution for you, and how our skillful mould making worker provide the precision plastic mould for you.

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