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Plastic Mould Design

Are you looking for professional R&D to do the mould design for your ideal project?Mould Design

Are you planning to modify your existing mould so that you could promote another profitable plastic product?


If you are in the situation above, congratulations! You are at right place.

Our experienced R&D team will convert your idea to visible demonstrate, 3D and 2D drawings.

Our engineer will analyze your product structure and the new function required, in the end, provides design solution for your approval. The goal we intent to reach generally consists of: 1, product with full function needed; 2, products with new features; 3, lowest cost

Our R&D team is engaging in looking for the innovative, creative solution to help speed customers’ plastic products to market. During the mould design, our engineers use the parametric fundamentals of design create the parts and the assembly. At each stage, customers are allowed to discuss the solution with the engineers, in this way, the solution will be greatly fit customers need. Regarding to your requirements and the mould making techniques, engineers will recommend the right solution for you.

Mould Design Software:

1. CAD

2. Proe/Engineer

3. NX (UniGraphics)

4. Solidwork

5. Moldflow

Mold Flow Analysis

For mould making, it is recommended that making changes in mould design stage, rather than after cutting the steel. In fact, certain changes are very costly after mould maker have begun his work. Because of this, CYS Mould has adopted latest computer software, Moldflow, which can simulate the injection molding process and predict the defective or the flaw may caused. The analysis can help us to determinate:

1. Gate type, position and size;

2. Estimated cycle

3. Filling time;

4. Appropriate cooling way;

5. Potential defective (short shot, sink mark, deformation, etc.);

6. Injection condition, as Injection pressure and clamp force, etc.;

7. Better solution possibility;

Mold flow analysis is mainly used for complex product, large size product, especially for those need hot runner. With mold flow analysis and our engineer’s rich experience, the potential problem will be predicted in advance and the right solution will be set up before first steel being cut.


Mould Making Analysis Report

Mould making analysis report is one of the important methods to qualify the mould in our factory. The report will be sent to customers for approval before the first piece of steel is cut. It includes not only basic information, like resin, cavities, steel material etc., but also important data, such as, gate way, gate location, pin location, etc.. In this way, customers can preview the external appearance of the products which may be important for most plastic products.

Experience of mould design:Plastic Mould Design

1. Insert Plastic Moulds

2. Multiple Slide Action Plastic Moulds

3. Hot Runner System

4. Unscrewing Plastic Moulds

5. Sandwich Injection Moulds

6. Other Custom Plastic Moulds

Plastic Products Range:

1. Consumer Electronics

2. Communication Products

3. House Hold

4. Computer Peripherals

5. Medical Facilities

6. Auto Parts

7. Mechanical Equipments

8. Other Custom Plastic Products

Contact us today to see how we design your next new project. After that, you are free to choose make a prototype first or directly start the mould making production. We are able to provide you with one station service, from Product Design, Mould Design, Mould Making, and Injection Molding to Plastic Products Assembly.

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